AGENCY: Laundry Service
CLIENT: Beats by Dre

Shot on Alexa Mini + Cooke Mini S4/i's, SR3 / Kodak Vision3 16mm + Superspeeds

Director: Will Dorhn
Producer: Aaron Z. Willson

DP: Spike Morris
Focus Puller: Jack Exton
Loader: Orlando Morris

Photography: Mohamed Abdulle
MUA: Robyn Rowan

Sound Design - Ade Pressly
Sound Recordist: Luke Harris

Runner: George Murphy

LS Art Director - Jonny Flynn
LS Creative Director - Chris Kitahara

A multi-asset video campaign taking the mixed format aesthetic from the Mura Masa mini doc series to Beats' web channels. Featuring spoken-word poet and artist Kojey Radical and produced by Bad with LA & London based agency Laundry Service.

I really enjoyed shooting parts of the Mura Masa doc and working with director Will Dorhn so it was a pleasure to see Laundry Service pick up on it and weave the aesthetic into a brand piece. The only challenge was that, being a documentary, we shot Mura Masa's Alex Crossan for weeks across a plethora of gigs, rehearsals and photoshoots. Part of its strength is in it's variety. Despite our best efforts we could only lock in one day to shoot with Kojey and had crazy shotlist to fit in - campaign stills were being captured simultaneously by London photographer Mohamed Abdulle on set and we had three different formats to get through ourselves, as well as an interview to use as VO.

As a result we ruled out large unit moves and our recces were aimed at finding a string of street locations in Hackney where Kojey grew up, between from the cafe location at the beginning of the day and the final studio interior. Thankfully apart from the interiors there wasn't much lighting control in the brief / documentary style references so we moved fast.

Will and I shot on a mix of an SR3 16mm & Kodak Vision3 250D w/ superspeeds, Alexa Mini with Cooke S4i Minis (stopped down where possible to feel more in line with the 16mm footage), and a dusty MiniDV camcorder as our C cam. Focus puller hero at the time Jack Exton and loader Orlando Morris did an amazing job of switching between film and digital all day long with no trainee - big love.

I'm a huge fan of Will's editing style and he didn't disappoint - super confident cuts galore on the director's cut above really keep the pace up. Scroll down for the 1:1 instagram release with Mohamed's stiils nicely mixed in also. Finally, thanks to Cheat also for a nice subtle colour grade on this, matching the Alexa with the SR3 footage.


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