UKMVA 2018 nominee: Best Alternative Video - Newcomer

CLIENT: Transgressive Records

Shot on Flir

Director/Editor: in/out
Producer: Natalie Steiner
Director of Photography: Spike Morris
Post Producer: Tamara Mennell @ MPC
VFX: David Filipe, Edward Taylor @ MPC
Colourist: George K @ MPC

Flesh anxiety: the body at the infrared end of the spectrum.

We shot the Horrors promo on the FLIR Systems A8303SC MWIR. We were kindly supported by FLIR themselves who flew out an engineer for a prep day in London, as the camera was pretty much just a raw sensor designed for science laboratories and an interesting challenge to work with effectively as a film unit; the camera can't record internally or be powered from any battery solution, continually auto-exposes, and requires a bulky windows laptop connected via ethernet to access the menus of the camera. It also auto-recalibrates, abruptly losing picture without warning every 30 mins.

After what resembled more of a science lesson rather than a camera prep day, complete with textbooks on infrared light, Rudd (FLIR) and I learnt a lot from each others industries’ demands and I worked with Thom & JP (in/out) from there knowing our limitations. It was hardly an ideal setup, but as with all filmmaking you’re forced to adapt around the things you can’t change, and in the end we worked out that a dolly & track in the coldest London studio we could find would suit us best. Capturing light that you can’t see with the human eye is obviously a really unusual way to shoot.. but we eventually got the hang of controlling the exposure using hairdryers, fans, water and air conditioning units.

The in/out guys are exactly the kind of directors I love to shoot with since they’re such After Effects experts. A lot of the footage you offer them ends up remixed, distorted and taken even further, which I’ve always found really inspiring.

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The Horrors _ Ghost (