Branded content shot on Sony FS7 + Nikon Ai-S primes

Director: Oscar Hudson
DP: Spike Morris
Producer: Jo Allan

'Comprising of two entire city blocks in central Toyko, Ginza Six is the largest multi-purpose retail building in the Ginza area, with world-class quality brands, large-scale office facilities, and a Kanze Noh Theater'

Oscar was asked to create a film about the new Ginza Six shopping center, meeting the CEO's of brands that had a presence in the building to narrate the piece. We shot on FS7 and kept to a crew of four so we were able to travel to meet the brands in their own headquarters across Paris, Naples and Rome before flying on to Tokyo to film the building itself.

Travelling to Japan with a cinema camera is practically a dream, but being allowed to shoot from the helipad on Tokyo Tower was especially jaw dropping, realising infinite skyscrapers extend in every direction towards the horizon.


We stayed on a little longer whilst we visited Toyko and shot a short film with Hiro, a dancing god: UpDownLeftRight

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