Spike is a freelance cinematographer and creative director at Bad.

Combining over a decade’s worth of experience working on set in the camera department with simultaneous experience as a director / editor, Spike rounds a creative passion with an instinctual technical skill set to work as an effective storyteller with cast and crew both sides of the camera.

Working daily within the world of music videos and short films learning practical skills, Spike’s aesthetic approach formed whilst being exposed to influences rooted in ambitious and experimental filmmaking. As a grapheme- colour synesthesiac who initially took a non-academic approach to film inspiration and instead enthralled by work from similarly placed filmmakers online, Spike enjoys adding to narratives through visual motifs such as colour themes associated with characters.

In 2014 Spike co-founded the production company Bad Collective Ltd with Aaron Z Willson and Callum Harrison, now based in Dalston.



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