Director: Will Dorhn
Producer, Aaron Z. Willson +
 Callum Harrison

Mini documentary series following electronic music producer Mura Masa

In the build up of Mura Masa's debut album release, Alex (MM) and Will were keen to create a music doc series. The plan was to keep it lo-fi, observational, and piece together the narration from casual recordings and unscripted moments rather than using a single interview. We planned out a lot of brief shoot days covering Alex's different rehearsals, visits to Abbey Road, festival performances, backstage stuff, writing at home, and ended up with some pretty varied material.

Ever since episode 1 by Yoni Lappin, the series has been shot on a variety of different cameras so we used a Sony FS7, Blackmagic, VHS and 8mm cams along with self shot iPhone footage from the US tour to add to the mixed media feel. Will did a great edit for the piece as well as directing it, and continued on the 'found footage' vibe as it confidently switches between different scenes and times.

Knowing that even an weird out of focus second or two could probably be thrown into the edit is a really exciting way to shoot. Increasingly captivating snippets from Mura Masa's super strong debut album provide the soundtrack to the series, teasing in samples and tracks before taking them away as quickly as they came.

For full disclosure, this isn't all my footage as I wasn't able to make all of the shoot dates in this episode, and some older moments were reused, but Will and I had a lot of fun shooting when I was there.


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