A Cam: Alexa Mini + Canon K35’s
B Cam: Bolex H16 (Standard 16mm)

Director: Ali Kurr
Producer: Nick Hayes
Prod Manager: Anya Defries
Gaffer: Jazz Bhalla
1st AD: Jack Meredith
Grade: Daniel de Vue (Glassworks)

Branded content piece shot on Alexa Mini and Bolex.

Ali was keen to work across four locations in the 1x day we had to shoot, and prioritise keeping the variety of environments and looks up throughout the edit. We had to compromise on the amount of setups we could afford ourselves at each location, and sailed a little close to the wind by distributing our intro, buildup, and high energy scenes across different locations, rather than shooting every action in every space, but it was a great shout for a piece like this. Combined with a breakneck pace edit and driving soundtrack, I think Ali’s made a super strong little piece.

Our A cam spent it’s day on a Movi M15, rigged in a team effort with the help of AC heros Raúl Menéndez and loader Klára Rychtarčiková, and Ali & I shot a few 100’ 16mm rolls on my Bolex across the day. Keeping the B camera as something simple you can quickly grab is always a great shout, and the Bolex was perfect to nip off with on a project like this filled with unit moves and transport time. A good few of the shots on film that made the cut were squeezed in during packdown times & lens changes :)

Trying to squeeze in four locations and unit moves across one day isn’t without it’s compromises of course and we did have to pick our battles on which scenes we could light properly, but gaffer Jazz Bhalla made a much appreciated effort in the schedule we had. Inside the gym we were in a real pinch and only had time to unscrew some of the more frontal overhead house lights - we decided to cover the scene just on the Bolex, loaded 500T to contrast our white balance against the daylight balanced practicals for effect, dragged in a flag, and made the most of it.

I recut the sequence above to lose some of the more explicitly sales orientated titling in favour of a few more 16mm shots, and upped the saturation slightly to my taste. The original release video is available below.

Check out more of Ali’s work here.

NIKE_ONLY_MT_AV_1920x1080 (1).00_01_09_05.Still016.jpg