Commissioned by NOWNESS.

Documentary shot on Sony FS7 + Nikon Ai-S primes.

Starring Hiroyuki Imamura & Rikuko Kuruya Director/Editor- Oscar Hudson
DOP- Spike Morris
Producer- Hiro Sekine
Exec. Producer- Michael Lewin
Exec. Producer- Anna Higgs
Exec Producer- Jo Allan
Production Coordinator- Mai Takachiyo
P.A.- Bruce Yamakawa
1st AC- Daniel Maldonado
Sound Recordist- Edan Mason

A day and night in the life of the man dubbed the god of Dance Dance Revolution.

On the pickup leg of the Ginza Six project, Oscar and I knew we had to point our camera at some of the amazing oddities we were witnessing in the moments between our main shoot. After being blown away by the roaring multi-floor arcades in Tokyo's Akihabara district and the energy drink fuelled insane level of effort going into it, we started to look for a character to follow.

Oscar's approach was to take a lot of the documentary out of the arcades and craft fictional scenes around a genuine interview with a DDR enthusiast. A mix between documentary and narrative with plenty of weirdness.

We did originally try to street cast our dancing star whilst recceing, but the people we met in the arcades weren't big on filming (one practically ran away). In the end our producer Hiro showed us some YouTube clips of Hiroyuki playing with his eyes closed and we thought we'd get in touch. The guys we saw in the arcades were more speed freaks than the light hearted performance vibe Hiroyuki had going on, so our film inevitably turned out a little different from how we originally saw it, but hey, it works.

It didn't make the cut in the full way we imagined but we shot a mad amount of the rushes in 'portrait', as a motif to the endless skyscrapers in the city. I've experimented with turning off the roll axis stabilisation when tinkering with gimbals before and I had a lot of fun finally using it in a project, corkscrewing around the streets of Tokyo.


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