King Krule - Don't Let the Dragon (Draag On)

Music Video

King Krule gets burnt at the stake in a self-directed music video :)

Red Helium 8K + Angenieux 24-290 Titan X Motion Control

Production Company: Ground Work
Producer: Aaron Z. Willson

Producer: Callum Harrison
Production Manager: Lana Salfiti
Production Assistant: Will Gore
1st AD: Ty Hack

1st AC: Raúl Menéndez
2nd AC: Rhys Warren
Video Playback Op: Nick Forester Motion Control Op: Ian Menzies
Motion Control Assist: Robert Legg
Motion Control Assist: Tamas Moro
Motion Control supplied by Mr Moco

Gaffer: Hélio Ribeiro
Electrician: Fionn Hutton
Electrician: Seb Nowell

VFX Supervisor: Matt Jackson

Colourist: Jason Wallis (ETC)
ETC Producer: Oscar Wendt

Camera kindly supplied by Take 2
Lighting kindly supplied by Panalux