Smokers Delight (Short)


UKMVA 2020 Shortlist: Best Special Video Project

Celebrating 25 years of Nightmares On Wax’s seminal ‘Smokers Delight' album, Smokers Delight is a 12 minute short film inspired by one of Nightmares main man George Evelyn’s dreams. Directed by Jamie Whitby of Agile Films, the film follows Tiger, a friendly neighbourhood stoner happily stuck in a comfortable wake-and-bake routine. After he discovers that he may have unknowingly stepped through the doors of perception, he is forced to detective his way back to reality.

Jordan Stephens
Theo Barklem-Biggs
James Thackeray
Corey Weekes
Deepica Stephen
Portia Williams
Michelle McMahon
Pierre Gorbanevsky
Ewens Abid
Abdul Salis

Director: Jamie Whitby
Producer: Scarlett Barclay

DoP: Spike Morris
Production Designer: David Hamilton
Stylist: George Buxton
Jack Williams
Edward Cooper

Sound designer: Seb Bruen
Colourist: Alex Gregory
Casting Director: Heather Basten CSA
Animation and Titles: Chris Cornwell
Makeup and Hair Artist: Natasha Lawes

Executive Producers:
Hayley Williams
Myles Payne
George Evelyn
Kazim Rashid
East End Studios

Full film: